Hi, My Name is Tyler and I am a Shopperholic!

Hello dears,

I must admit I have had a very busy couple of weeks. I have taken on many projects and found I didn’t have any personal time.

I have taken on a new part time job, very simple all I have to do I find staff for Promotions & events. Also I have become a Sh’Zen Consultant. Yes that means tons of new beauty products to review. I already have so many I have no clue where to start…

Also I will not be posting anymore nail stuff on this blog as I have a blog for that now too. (here)

Other than that I hardly have any money saving news… I plan on visiting the Hospice soon to do a bit of “Thrift” shopping. But will try not buy too much!

I am in super save mode… Every Penny is being saved. I need a nest egg/rainy day fund/emergency money stash.  I have stopped shopping, I am curbing my impulsiveness by avoiding shops all together. In emergency cases where I actually “NEED” something I enter the shop, head down and determined to get out without being stopped by a sales person or the beautiful displays and promotions!



Is it a bad thing that I want to buy this dvd??? I actually love this movie. Totally me the only difference is I refuse to own a Credit Card (Thanks to this movie).

I have a clothing Account but I have hidden my card away so I cant go buy things.

How do you save money? Any advise?


Juicy Fruits- Peach Blush Review

Juicy Fruits Peach Blush Collection by Woolworths.

Juicy Fruits Peach Blush Collection by Woolworth’s.

So I got the full Peach Blush Collection by Woolworth’s for my Birthday and I thought I would do a little review on the products. I will go from left to right.

Whisked Body Butter- I will start off by saying this stuff smells divine (All of the products smell fabulous so I wont repeat it after this), the application of this body butter is brilliant for starters its in tube rather than a tub so you can squeeze it right into you palms instead of dunking your hand into a tub. Its really smooth and it doesn’t leave an oily layer behind like some of the products out there and once its all soaked up your skin feels like silk. The scent of the body butter lingers on your skin well into the next day. So I would give this product a 10/10.

Iced Lip Balm- Its a good sized lip balm and I am finding that I am putting it on every hour or so because I keep rubbing my lips together because they feel so soft. It makes your lips shine as if it is a lip gloss but minus the sticky, from what I can see it has a slight shimmer to it as well. The only down fall is I struggle to open the container if I have anything on my hands. But other than that I would give it an 8/10.

Swirled Shimmer Lotion- The Shimmer Lotion is beautiful, it makes my skin look like I am a diamond Vampire, please excuse the cheesy Twilight reference, It also leaves a silky smooth finish. The only thing I didn’t like is that  it makes my hands sparkle and I cant get it off in 1 wash. Other than that its great so I give it a 7/10.

Hand & Body Wash- This is such a convenient bottle with the dispenser on top, the soap comes out easy enough and lather’s really well. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling squeaky like other body washes. Your skin is soft and peachy when you get out of the bath/shower. And its smell doesn’t disappear once you rinse off the soap, it lingers in your skin adding to the fragrance of the body butter. I will give this product a 9/10.

Crushed Body Scrub- I have not tried this product yet so stay tuned for my update.

I hope you loved my first review… Any pointers?


To new Beginnings

Its Me 🙂

So the time has come to become a serious Blogger, I have 2 blogs with other Host sites but I will be combining them and putting them here!

The aim of this new blog is to help and guide girls, like myself, to a life filled with pretty things.

If, like me, you love pretty things but have a boring bank account then you will most likely love this blog.

I am my main source of Income and so I have to wisely watch every Rand as I support myself financially.

I live with roommates and so even though my bills are split I still find that I get stuck some months. So this blog is here to help myself and whomever reads it to spend wisely but still live happily!

On our journey together we will find good books to read, yummy things to eat, fun places to go see, fabulous things to wear, interesting people to meet and a few randoms things we never thought we would do! And its all going to be done in Cape Town!

So pull out your purse and count your Rand’s and lets get this show on the road!