Being Grateful

So I have been doing a heck of a lot of reading and not much writing. Hence my very long leave of tactlessness.

I have a couple of cynical drafts saved for when I get mad but never actually post them… I am a wee scaredy-cat.



Anyway in my encounters with reading other peoples blogs I came to notice that I myself never really say out loud, what I am grateful for… And when I started thinking of the things I was grateful for the list seemed normal enough and then it ran a little short and bombed out in the end… It was a slightly superficial list if you ask me!

Before I get to the list of gratefulness, let me give you a run down of my life since my last post…

I QUIT MY JOB!!! Yes indeed I did. I had a mini pre-mid-life-crisis and decided I couldn’t work for free anymore (Long Story!!!!) but anyway I have officially been unemployed for about almost 3 weeks now. People keep asking me if I am worried because I dont have an income… Im not! I was smart enough to save and save and save and… You get the point!

So I am secure in the sense that I have some time to sit back and try to relax. Let me just tell you I have been much busier now then before. If I could be paid for the stuff I get up to I would be in heaven!

The last few weeks I have been planning a Party and doing odd jobs. #Literallyexhausted!

During these three weeks of freedom I thought of what I am grateful for and so here is my weird list!


  1. My very large Family! My many cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grannies, mothers and my dads. I am also extremely thankful for my boyfriends family, who treat me as one of their own.
  2. My absolutely fantastic and supportive boyfriend!!!
  3. My supportive and somewhat neglected friends who are patient and understanding to the drama’s of my life.
  4. My adopted cuddle buddy Freddie-Winkle (He is a little Ginger Fur Ball that likes leaving his fur on everything!!!)
  5. My Shelly-Bean that gets me from A to B alive, even if I did sink a pretty penny into her!
  6. Car Insurance! Thank goodness for you!
  7. The person who invented Sushi & Wine!
  8. My Granny’s Fighting Spirit!
  9. My “Never Give Up/Always Keep Moving” Attitude
  10. The Person that invented Big Wine Glasses.
  11. Katie Fford for writing my favorite Romance Novels.
  12. Anyone who ever wrote a kick ass sing-a-long song
  13. PINTEREST & Tumblr
  14. The person who invented Nail Polish and the bloggers that continue to inspire me!
  15. The ability to know right from wrong.
  16. A passion to change the world!
  17. Second Chances and changing my mind a million times!
  18. Being able to learn and grow!
  19. Hours & Hours of my favorite TV Series!
  20. And Lastly… I am grateful for the Life my mother & father gave me. I would not be here if it wasn’t for them! And then to every other person who had a hand in helping me grow since 1991!

So that’s my list of gratefulness.


What are you grateful for? Remind yourself daily!