Dirty Works Coconut Caress Body Butter Review

Dirty Works Coconut Cream Body Butter

Dirty Works Coconut Caress Body Butter

Imagine you are on a tropical adventure, think of the crystal blue water’s of Barbados filled with tropical fish and the warm breeze that blows through palm tree’s, see yourself sunbathing on the soft white sand with a fresh piña colada served in a coconut… Have you got the image?

That’s exactly how Dirty Works Coconut Caress Body Butter makes me feel when I use it. It smells like a holiday and it makes my skin feel as smooth as silk. I have never been so in love with a body butter in my life.

I suggest you go out and buy yourself some, its extremely relaxing.

Final opinion 10/10.


Birthday Adventure

So on Saturday 16 February 2013 I turned 22… It was a difficult one to be honest I was so against celebrating it because I was feeling sorry for myself as I feel the years are flying past me.

But on the day I put all my feelings aside and went on a little adventure… I journeyed to Stellenbosch on a mission to taste wine 😀

We started out at the “Slowmarket” to fill our bellies before the wine farm, the market was so busy and the most delicious  smells were in the air. My boyfriend and I walked around the market to see all the stalls before we each got some food and a drink. And then we wondered down to the massive Cedar tree’s and sat on the grass to relax.

The Slowmarket

The Slowmarket

Under the Tree's

Under the Tree’s

The whole vibe of the market is relaxed and mellow, and every food stall has a sample section which was my favorite. I got stuck into the “Princess Pesto” stall and ate so much pesto I could have turned green. The great thing is all the people there grow the produce so its all organic and wholesome, they have every kind of bread so if you have any strict dietary requirements this is the place to go.  All in all it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend everyone go there!

Once we were done at the “Slowmarket” we made our way to “Spier” to do a bit of wine Tasting.

Stellenbosch View

Stellenbosch View

I love going for long drives, the views of Cape Town are stunner, my Camera doesn’t give this view justice!

I went to Spier a couple of years ago and fell in love with it, Spier is one of my favorite places and I was so excited to go again. I did my research before we went just to get an Idea cost wise if we should go taste their wines and it worked out to be really cheap and really fun! There are a bunch of different “Tasting” options but we decided to do the “Spier Tasting” which costs R35.00 and you get to taste 5 wines. See here for other options.

Wine Tasting Menu

Wine Tasting Menu

Out of all the wines I tasted I fell in love with the “Spier Signature Cabernet Sauvignon” Its a sweet red that has tastes of Cinnamon  Caramel, Tobacco & Blackberry. I have no clue about wines but that’s why I wanted to do this tasting, I wanted to learn more because I love wine (tehe… Like LOVE it) and it was such a great experience as well.

Red Red Wine... Yum!

Red Red Wine… Yum!

After the tasting we walked around Spier’s grounds and took a look at some of the old buildings they have there. Then we wondered into the shop and bought some snacks and had a bit of a picnic under the Acorn Tree’s by the lake.

I found it really cool that they have these fun photo frames to take pictures with, here are some we did… The sun was not in our favour!

Shame on the shadows

Shame on the shadows



But that’s about it, that was my little birthday adventure and it really didn’t break the bank! Just note if you go to have a picnic at Spier, they don’t put prices on the food at the picnic shop so you might get a shock when you pay…

I would love to hear about your adventures too.