Juicy Fruits- Peach Blush Review

Juicy Fruits Peach Blush Collection by Woolworths.

Juicy Fruits Peach Blush Collection by Woolworth’s.

So I got the full Peach Blush Collection by Woolworth’s for my Birthday and I thought I would do a little review on the products. I will go from left to right.

Whisked Body Butter- I will start off by saying this stuff smells divine (All of the products smell fabulous so I wont repeat it after this), the application of this body butter is brilliant for starters its in tube rather than a tub so you can squeeze it right into you palms instead of dunking your hand into a tub. Its really smooth and it doesn’t leave an oily layer behind like some of the products out there and once its all soaked up your skin feels like silk. The scent of the body butter lingers on your skin well into the next day. So I would give this product a 10/10.

Iced Lip Balm- Its a good sized lip balm and I am finding that I am putting it on every hour or so because I keep rubbing my lips together because they feel so soft. It makes your lips shine as if it is a lip gloss but minus the sticky, from what I can see it has a slight shimmer to it as well. The only down fall is I struggle to open the container if I have anything on my hands. But other than that I would give it an 8/10.

Swirled Shimmer Lotion- The Shimmer Lotion is beautiful, it makes my skin look like I am a diamond Vampire, please excuse the cheesy Twilight reference, It also leaves a silky smooth finish. The only thing I didn’t like is that  it makes my hands sparkle and I cant get it off in 1 wash. Other than that its great so I give it a 7/10.

Hand & Body Wash- This is such a convenient bottle with the dispenser on top, the soap comes out easy enough and lather’s really well. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling squeaky like other body washes. Your skin is soft and peachy when you get out of the bath/shower. And its smell doesn’t disappear once you rinse off the soap, it lingers in your skin adding to the fragrance of the body butter. I will give this product a 9/10.

Crushed Body Scrub- I have not tried this product yet so stay tuned for my update.

I hope you loved my first review… Any pointers?



Birthday Adventure

So on Saturday 16 February 2013 I turned 22… It was a difficult one to be honest I was so against celebrating it because I was feeling sorry for myself as I feel the years are flying past me.

But on the day I put all my feelings aside and went on a little adventure… I journeyed to Stellenbosch on a mission to taste wine 😀

We started out at the “Slowmarket” to fill our bellies before the wine farm, the market was so busy and the most delicious  smells were in the air. My boyfriend and I walked around the market to see all the stalls before we each got some food and a drink. And then we wondered down to the massive Cedar tree’s and sat on the grass to relax.

The Slowmarket

The Slowmarket

Under the Tree's

Under the Tree’s

The whole vibe of the market is relaxed and mellow, and every food stall has a sample section which was my favorite. I got stuck into the “Princess Pesto” stall and ate so much pesto I could have turned green. The great thing is all the people there grow the produce so its all organic and wholesome, they have every kind of bread so if you have any strict dietary requirements this is the place to go.  All in all it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend everyone go there!

Once we were done at the “Slowmarket” we made our way to “Spier” to do a bit of wine Tasting.

Stellenbosch View

Stellenbosch View

I love going for long drives, the views of Cape Town are stunner, my Camera doesn’t give this view justice!

I went to Spier a couple of years ago and fell in love with it, Spier is one of my favorite places and I was so excited to go again. I did my research before we went just to get an Idea cost wise if we should go taste their wines and it worked out to be really cheap and really fun! There are a bunch of different “Tasting” options but we decided to do the “Spier Tasting” which costs R35.00 and you get to taste 5 wines. See here for other options.

Wine Tasting Menu

Wine Tasting Menu

Out of all the wines I tasted I fell in love with the “Spier Signature Cabernet Sauvignon” Its a sweet red that has tastes of Cinnamon  Caramel, Tobacco & Blackberry. I have no clue about wines but that’s why I wanted to do this tasting, I wanted to learn more because I love wine (tehe… Like LOVE it) and it was such a great experience as well.

Red Red Wine... Yum!

Red Red Wine… Yum!

After the tasting we walked around Spier’s grounds and took a look at some of the old buildings they have there. Then we wondered into the shop and bought some snacks and had a bit of a picnic under the Acorn Tree’s by the lake.

I found it really cool that they have these fun photo frames to take pictures with, here are some we did… The sun was not in our favour!

Shame on the shadows

Shame on the shadows



But that’s about it, that was my little birthday adventure and it really didn’t break the bank! Just note if you go to have a picnic at Spier, they don’t put prices on the food at the picnic shop so you might get a shock when you pay…

I would love to hear about your adventures too.


Cape Town Adventures for my Birthday

Well Hello There,

Tomorrow will be my 22nd birthday and as part of my attempt at being a different person I will be going on an Adventure. Instead of taking a billion shots and not having any memory of the previous night, I will be wine tasting… Yes very sophisticated but its something I have always wanted to do and so this is my chance. I’m excited and you should be too because come next week I will know a lot more about Cape Town Wine Culture and I will be able to give better advise on how to have fun while being broke.

And as many of you may also know I have an addiction to Essence products so look what I got as an early Birthday present from my fabulous man…

My New Essence Perfume

Both smell fantastic, they literally smell like their names. But I will review them next week once I have had a chance to wear them both.


Have a great weekend and wish me luck on my adventure to 22…

Never judge a book by its cover!

I love a good bargain as much as the next girl but generally when it comes to books the good stuff doesn’t come cheap but luckily the one day I wondered past Bargain Books and saw their 3 for R100.00 sale and I got excited… I don’t know different Authors and what not, I usually go for the pretty cover and hope its a good read. Yes I did it, I judged a book by its cover and I got some pretty pastel coloured books.

I have just finished reading the first one!

Practically Perfect

Practically Perfect

And it was actually really a good read, a typical “Adult Romance” nothing raunchy at all just a sweet yet dysfunctional Love Story. I really enjoyed it and I quite like the Author, Katie Ffordes, writing style. So I’m happy that I have another 3 of her novels at home waiting to be read.

Paradise Feilds

Paradise Fields

Flora's Lot

Flora’s Lot

Summer of Love

Summer of Love

You can read small extracts of each book on Katie Ffordes Website. 

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Write it in a Notebook

My lil Notebook

My lil Notebook

I am the kind of person that is always day dreaming, my brain is continuously working overtime and I jump from one thought to the next. I also always have this continuous urge to have a billion lists listing various things…

I have to do lists and wish lists and various other random lists. For example I have a list that is for all the restaurants I want to eat at or a list of all the movies I want to see even a list of books I want to read. I have a bucket list and my 2013 goals list and my favorite list is the pages and pages of nail polishes I want to own.

I find it is easier to see exactly what you have and what you still need to accomplish. Also if ever anyone wants a gift Idea for you its right there on paper you don’t have to um and ah and say nothing because lets be honest everyone loves prezzies!

I know there are apps that can do this and websites but I like having a hard copy on me at all times, its a bit more real in a world where everything is just a click away.

Year End Meltdown

So recently work got a bit crazy and my stress level jumped from Zero to 100 in a few days!

My problem is as soon as I over work myself to that extent I get really really sick! Its so annoying.

But this time was the sickest I have ever been and had to face up to the fact that I had to go to the Doctor! Sadly I had just ended my Medical aid because it got far too expensive with a 22% jump in fee’s…

So what is a girl to do when money is tight and Doctors are a rip off? Well go online and find a doctor with a Dispensary Licence (I think that’s what its called) where  he examines you and gives you medication all for one fee. It cost me half the amount to do this and I got better within a few days. Plus I wont lie the pain meds he gave me worked wonders 😉 tehe

The crazy thing is and I can see it happening all around me as we get closer to the leave period! People are literally falling apart, its like watching the Comrades  Marathon where the last people just before the buzzer start coming in and you can see they just don’t have the strength to keep going but all they want is to finish and then other people run up, pick them off the floor and help them cross the finish line. That’s what is going on around me, people have worked their butts off, pushed themselves to their breaking points and as soon as they can see the end they start to get sick, lose their minds and have total meltdowns.

All I can say is keep your shit together we are almost there!!!!!

Keep your Shit together

Keep your Shit together

The worst still is our bosses smell our hope and happiness for the coming holidays and decide to throw large work loads our direction to keep us focused and on our toes!

Its just cruel!

The Final Push they call it, and they bribe us with lovely sums of money to push ourselves further still, always reaching for targets placed out of reach just like a carrot in front of a donkey!

But anyway…

*I am not sure if I will be able to post any blogs during my leave period but I can promise loads of fun exciting things next year :). Have a wonderful holiday period everyone and a happy new year!

Hopefully see you in 2013… Hopefully!!! And if not don’t forget to party your arse off!

Being a Pen pal & Postcrosser

Hello Darlings

So today I’m going to cover one of my favorite hobbies…

Writing 🙂

I’m a self proclaimed Social Media Addict and after a while I got seriously bored of  the same old Facebook and Twitter ect, so one day while browsing the web I came across http://www.postcrossing.com/ and decided to join up. And because every holiday I go on I buy postcards I thought it would be a great way to up my collection. To date I have sent over 20 post cards (When you start you can only send 5 but as you increase your reputation you can send more and more at a time) But for me its easier on my pocket if I focus on only sending 5 a month, I have started a great collection, I have postcards from all over the World. Mostly the Netherlands and Germany but its still different cards each time, then from that someone on the site approached me to be their pen pal. Now we send each other letters monthly and I decided to look for more pen pals on Tumblr so I found more, to date I have about 7 pen pals that I have written and received letters back.

Letters & Postcards

Although it costs about R6.50 per stamp its one of the cheaper hobbies out there, and the benefits out weigh the costs any day, I now have friends in Poland, Paris, Australia, Peurto Rico  & the USA that I keep in contact with so one day if I ever travel there I would have a friend there. Also they explain their cultures & traditional foods ect. One of my favorite things is to ask them 5 questions each time, I find information fascinating & I love learning new things so I always ask questions that need good answers & detail.

I always encourage questions and most of them always ask about my second Language “Afrikaans” they are fascinated about South Africa and how I live here and the cultures.

So that’s it for hobby No.1

I will cover Hobby No.2 soon xxx

Have a wonderful day

My Inspiration “Zie Darling”