Take No Prisoners… A Life Approach!

Please be advised in this post I might come across as Arrogant or Self-absorbed. I personally do not feel I am either of those things.  Therefore I do not take responsibility for your opinions or perceptions to the text below!- My dad encouraged me to write this post!

Recently I have received a bit of negative feed back from people that follow another blog I write for. They mostly aimed their attack at my intentions and attitude or the way I come across. I have tried to remain professional and defend myself but after a while you kind of just get sick of it!

Generally as a person I am considered to be the nice kind, I have good values and morals, I invest time into my passions and hobbies, I do a great deal with my favorite Charity and General Global Awareness, I have my own formed opinions about various topics and I like to know what I am talking about therefore I am always reading something! I am not shallow, vindictive, malicious or harmful to anyone. I do however always stand up for myself and my loved ones. I do not let opinions sway my beliefs or my ambitions to succeed. I am a very strong person and do not stand for nonsense. These are all characteristics that I have acquired because I had to in order to survive!

I must be honest this isn’t the first time in my life I have experienced negative feelings towards me as a person, previously it was a massive Jealousy issue and I have a feeling it is the same now!

Let me give you some background about me because people seem to think I was born with a silverspoon in my mouth!

It would be an insult to my Family to suggest that I had a difficult childhood/adolescence. But it was not the easiest up bringing. I didn’t have a good relationship with my father growing up, I have only started mending it in the last 3 years or so . And my mother worked so much I hardly spent time with her as a young child. My most vivid memories as a child are with my grannies.  I always remember my mother as being a very soft and sensitive person, I think that is what drove me to be so strong. I do not wish to speak of my mother’s issues as they are not mine. She however has spoken of them and can be read here.

I have always lived with my mother and when we lived in Johannesburg I would see my dad every second weekend. We then relocated to Cape Town and I saw him every second school holiday. When I was 13 my Dad relocated to the UK and I then saw him every second Christmas. When I was 17 my mother moved to the UK as well, I chose to stay in South Africa with my Brother and his dad to finish up high school. Shortly after I completed school I was Maliciously Kicked out of my “Home” and was left to fend for myself!

I have always taken care of myself! I have always been independent even as a child but independence at home and independence on your own are two different things. My parents have not always been in a position to help me and my family can vouch that I am the last person that will ask for help. I prefer to work things out on my own regardless of the strain or struggle I  have to go through!

I am a product of my upbringing as is every other person!

If you were in my shoes would you fight for the life you wanted or become a victim of your upbringing?

I am proud that I am a young adult with my head on my shoulders! I am proud that I can pay my way knowing I worked my ass off to do so. I am proud that my parents are proud of the daughter they raised! I am not a product of a pampered youth. I have fight and drive because I believe I deserve the best and I will fight tooth and nail to get it. If I outshine people tough!

For people to attack my character without knowing the real me, without knowing my struggles just because they are petty and jealous of my success truly gets my blood boiling. You never judge a book by its cover, you never truly know until you walk a mile in someone elses shoes.

This is the final time I will defend myself, here after I will just pity you!

I shouldn’t have to justify the person I am but feel I should as I always hope to change people for the better and maybe a bit of education in etiquette and human decency will do a few people some good!

The people who this post is aimed at will know it is about them if they see it so let me finish with this… I don’t walk around with a chip on my shoulder and neither should you! Embrace a positive outlook on life. There is already so much ugliness in the world! I never set out to bring people down. Only to inspire! Its time to let go!


My Motto!






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