Lucky Lady

Lady Luck on St. Paddy's

Lady Luck on St. Paddy’s

So I have had a lot of people tell me how lucky I am and how I just seem to always be winning or getting some cool freebie and I always tell them its not luck. I spend a lot of time entering contests and doing various surveys and such and so I end up with stuff almost every month.

I just recently won the new Shakira Perfume “S by Shakira”  and the month before it was a Nivea hamper and the month before that it was a big survey cash out.

I personally feel that if you put enough energy into something you will reap the rewards. I take 1 day out of my month and I sit and enter about 50 or so competitions and giveaways. The more you enter the higher your chances of winning. Its a simple as that! I know your probably thinking “How do you find so many contests?” Well that’s simple too. All the magazines that are sold in your Country are filled with Competitions and their websites have loads more. So I go onto every magazine website and enter the contests, there are always going to be at least 5 giveaway’s per website.

Enter every contest! Even if its not something you want. If you win you can sell it or give it as a gift and you end up saving money.

So there you go, that’s how I create my own “luck”


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