Cape Town Adventures for my Birthday

Well Hello There,

Tomorrow will be my 22nd birthday and as part of my attempt at being a different person I will be going on an Adventure. Instead of taking a billion shots and not having any memory of the previous night, I will be wine tasting… Yes very sophisticated but its something I have always wanted to do and so this is my chance. I’m excited and you should be too because come next week I will know a lot more about Cape Town Wine Culture and I will be able to give better advise on how to have fun while being broke.

And as many of you may also know I have an addiction to Essence products so look what I got as an early Birthday present from my fabulous man…

My New Essence Perfume

Both smell fantastic, they literally smell like their names. But I will review them next week once I have had a chance to wear them both.


Have a great weekend and wish me luck on my adventure to 22…


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