Write it in a Notebook

My lil Notebook

My lil Notebook

I am the kind of person that is always day dreaming, my brain is continuously working overtime and I jump from one thought to the next. I also always have this continuous urge to have a billion lists listing various things…

I have to do lists and wish lists and various other random lists. For example I have a list that is for all the restaurants I want to eat at or a list of all the movies I want to see even a list of books I want to read. I have a bucket list and my 2013 goals list and my favorite list is the pages and pages of nail polishes I want to own.

I find it is easier to see exactly what you have and what you still need to accomplish. Also if ever anyone wants a gift Idea for you its right there on paper you don’t have to um and ah and say nothing because lets be honest everyone loves prezzies!

I know there are apps that can do this and websites but I like having a hard copy on me at all times, its a bit more real in a world where everything is just a click away.


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