Being a Pen pal & Postcrosser

Hello Darlings

So today I’m going to cover one of my favorite hobbies…

Writing 🙂

I’m a self proclaimed Social Media Addict and after a while I got seriously bored of  the same old Facebook and Twitter ect, so one day while browsing the web I came across and decided to join up. And because every holiday I go on I buy postcards I thought it would be a great way to up my collection. To date I have sent over 20 post cards (When you start you can only send 5 but as you increase your reputation you can send more and more at a time) But for me its easier on my pocket if I focus on only sending 5 a month, I have started a great collection, I have postcards from all over the World. Mostly the Netherlands and Germany but its still different cards each time, then from that someone on the site approached me to be their pen pal. Now we send each other letters monthly and I decided to look for more pen pals on Tumblr so I found more, to date I have about 7 pen pals that I have written and received letters back.

Letters & Postcards

Although it costs about R6.50 per stamp its one of the cheaper hobbies out there, and the benefits out weigh the costs any day, I now have friends in Poland, Paris, Australia, Peurto Rico  & the USA that I keep in contact with so one day if I ever travel there I would have a friend there. Also they explain their cultures & traditional foods ect. One of my favorite things is to ask them 5 questions each time, I find information fascinating & I love learning new things so I always ask questions that need good answers & detail.

I always encourage questions and most of them always ask about my second Language “Afrikaans” they are fascinated about South Africa and how I live here and the cultures.

So that’s it for hobby No.1

I will cover Hobby No.2 soon xxx

Have a wonderful day

My Inspiration “Zie Darling”


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