Oh please do follow your dreams…

Never give up on your dreams!!!

I’m a big believer in following your dreams but sometimes being a broke girl you have to put your dreams on hold to get other things out of the way.

What I do to make sure I always know exactly where I want to be or what I want from my life I carry a variety of Notebooks in my bag. In these books I keep my Ideas, Dreams, Hopes and Wishes.

To never forget what I want!

I have these so I have something to work towards because I can be pretty lazy sometimes so if I have it written down in front of me I know I need to get it done and so I press on until I get it.

Now I do have some complex wishes in life but I’m talking about something a bit smaller. I have pages and pages of things I wish to acquire such as DVD’s and CD’s I wish to own, Books I want to read, Places I want to eat and so on. And slowly but surely I tick them off as I go.

If you wish to do this too its good to put down everything but always be aware some things are harder to come by then others so don’t swamp yourself with the need of getting a car or a home… Be wise, look at your life and where you wish to be in 5 years and then work off that!

My 5 year plan is Simple… Get further in my Career,  Have my own place (Not to own just to rent for now) and Study Events Management (I will do a post on this topic in the near future). In between those Goals I am still crossing off the little things too, Lets face it you have to “Enjoy the Little Things” and yes that was a Zombieland quote.

Enjoy The Little Things by KZukowski


Let me know if you decide to carry a notebook around with you and some of the things you have written in there…

All the best darlings




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