Surveying your way to Freebies

Hello Darlings,

So the first step to saving your Rand’s and even making a few extra is this, Online Surveys. Companies will actually pay you for your opinion on things, I have been doing it for years now. I’m joined to almost every survey site available. I have recently been awarded a Voucher and with it I bought some of my favorite movies.

Dear John & Letters to Juliet

“Dear John” is my favorite movie at the moment, I am in love with Channing Tatum . “Letters to Juliet” is such a sweet love story and its actually the movie that got me interested in having pen pals.

So if you want to make some extra cash here are the companies I’m joined with:

Surveyhead– They pay in Dollars but you have to save to $35 before you can cash them out so it takes a couple of months to get your hands on your money but once you get it you can go on a mini online shopping spree. I buy most of my nail art stuff on Ebay with my dollars because you can get free shipping. They will send your money to your PayPal account so you can use it with any site that accepts PayPal as a payment option.

The Panel Station– They pay you in Vouchers, I just got my vouchers from them. You need a total of 2000 points to cash out and that is equivilant to R100.00 but you can choose to save up your points and get higher Vouchers, also they offer various vouchers for different South African online shops.

Mobrog- They pay you in Dollars but luckily you can cash out once you have reached $6 and they will pay that into a PayPal account for you and then you can use your money with any site that accepts PayPal as a payment option.

Enlighten Panel- They pay you in Vouchers, you also collect points so you need 100 points to gain R100.00 but you can save up to R500.00 too. They also have a variety of Vouchers to choose from.

Hiving Panel- They pay you in Dollars, you have to earn 400 points to get $4 paid out but you can also earn $8 to $12. Here too you will need a PayPal account.

Also all these sites give you the option of Donating your points to a Charity that the site supports. So if you are feeling generous then there is also that option.

Have a great day lovilies, I hope this info has been ever so helpful and I wish you luck in making some extra cash.







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