To new Beginnings

Its Me 🙂

So the time has come to become a serious Blogger, I have 2 blogs with other Host sites but I will be combining them and putting them here!

The aim of this new blog is to help and guide girls, like myself, to a life filled with pretty things.

If, like me, you love pretty things but have a boring bank account then you will most likely love this blog.

I am my main source of Income and so I have to wisely watch every Rand as I support myself financially.

I live with roommates and so even though my bills are split I still find that I get stuck some months. So this blog is here to help myself and whomever reads it to spend wisely but still live happily!

On our journey together we will find good books to read, yummy things to eat, fun places to go see, fabulous things to wear, interesting people to meet and a few randoms things we never thought we would do! And its all going to be done in Cape Town!

So pull out your purse and count your Rand’s and lets get this show on the road!


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